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class  ClientData
 This interface must be implemented by data on the client. It is very important that the constructor of the subclass calls the constructor of ClientData before reading from the framework packet. This ensures that reading of data is not mixed. More...
class  ClientDataMap
 This class is used for handling the data elements of the client. It will make sure that elements pointing to objects which haven't been initilized will be set to point at the correct element after it has been initilized. It will also manage the deletion of objects and ensure that objects pointing to deleted objects will recieve a null poiter. More...
class  ClientFramework
 This class is the framework on the client. With sender, reciever, pending-ack-list and all client data. This is the class you must inherit from on the client side of your game. More...
class  ClientPacket
 This packet is used from the client-side when sending/receiving packets. More...

Detailed Description

This is the Client Module, should be linked with the client application.
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